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Project Recruitment Outsourcing (PRO)

What is Project Recruitment Outsourcing?

When tendering for a multiple projects at any one time it’s difficult to plan the workforce around projects that may or may not be awarded.

ACRWORLD’s PRO model reduces risk and costs by through close collaboration our clients in identifying the key personnel requirements and offering a value added recruitment service through the project lifecycle.  We have been recruiting for major international projects since our establishment in 2001.  Having staffed up several major international project teams over the years, on traditionally a contingency basis.  

Through this experience we have tailored our PRO offering as an effective model to relieve our clients of their project staffing headaches by outsourcing the roles they are concerned about to the experts.

What we do:

We reduce recruitment costs by working on an exclusive, fixed priced, reduced fee model based over the delivery of a number of key professionals to the project.  We allocate necessary resources to the scale of the project requirements and offer the following services through the process. 

Depending on the projects requirements the services can be offered remotely from one of our offices (Sydney, Perth or Dubai) or include secondment of recruiter/s into our clients operations who are dedicated to the projects staffing lifecycle.

Why you should partner with ACRWORLD:

With over a decade in business we have extensive experience in managing the complexities of major recruitment campaigns on a project by project basis.  Our proven track record and established networks ensure we maximise our client’s chances of attracting the industries very best talent.  

By outsourcing the hard to fill roles established through the initial consultation process our clients save time and money while receiving a dedicated, results driven service from our PRO team.