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Permanent Placements (Contingency)

What is Contingency Recruitment?

Contingency recruitment minimises risk to our clients as we charge on a success only fee basis.

We charge a % of the candidate’s annual salary package, invoiced upon start date of the successful candidate we have introduced.  To request a copy of our contingency terms of business click here.

You can reduce recruitment spend further by working with us exclusively on a contingency basis.  Exclusivity reduces our risk which we can pass on in a reduced % recruitment fee.  We can discuss this on a case by case basis.

What we do:

Candidate generation is a constant focus of ours.  We work across a variety of roles and through constant and extensive advertising and networking campaigns we are able to deliver top talent to our clients.

As part of our contingency recruitment process we take the following steps:

Why we continue to deliver top talent:

We hire the industries best recruiters. They have an average of 7 years industry experience and work in industry focused, vertical markets.  They understand the technical requirements of the roles and save our clients time and money in identifying and presenting the best match for the role.

Since our establishment in 2001 we have developed a 200,000+ candidate database with a categorised system of candidate ‘community’ folders consisting of hand picked candidates by skill set and experience.  Our recruiters have immediate access to the right talent and are able to deliver shortlists to our clients in 24hr timeframes.